linux arecord. Users guide. How to record audio file and play it using NetSoM development board.

Here described steps to record audio to file and play it using linux arecord and aplay utilities.

Hardware requirements.

You have to stick WM8960 audio module to NetSoM development board. Then plug some audio speakers or headphones to audio module.  That audio module has onboard microphones so no need to use headphones with microphone. Then just power up development board and connect via SSH.

Software requirements.

You have to use audio_stream_ethernet or audio_stream_wifi images. Steps to update NetSoM firmware described here.

Audio recording.

Audio file might be recorded using arecord utility:

# arecord -f S32_LE -r 48000 -c2 -D hw:0,0 -d 20 /tmp/record.wav

Audio playing.

To play previously recorded audio file use aplay utility:

# aplay /tmp/record.wav


That is it. pretty simple:


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