IMX6ULL based Industrial grade SoM. Onboard WiFi PHY IC + 2 Ethernet PHY IC. Reach set of interfaces. Reach set of out-of-box project samples. Open Source code. Low cost.

NetSoM. IMX6ULL based SoM. Onboard WiFi + 2 Eth PHY ICs. Open Source Code.

imx6 som (IMX6ULL)

NetSoM development board. Open Hardware. 2xUSB, 2xCAN, 1xSAI, 1xParallel video interface, 2xEthernet, 1xWiFi. Out-Of-Box running Audio streaming, Video streaming, LoRaWAN multi-channel gateway, Alexa Voice Assistant.

openwrt board

USE CASES. Devices based on NetSoM.

LoRaWAN Indoor WiFi gateway. Bottom view.

lorawan indoor gateway

LoRaWAN Indoor WiFi gateway. Top view.

lorawan indoor gateway

LoRaWAN outdoor gateway. Dissassembled.

LoRaWAN outdoor gateway. Enclosured.

OBD Scanner

obd scanner

Automation module

automation module

Extension modules

audio module based on WM8960 codec IC

audio module wm8960

video module based on OV5640 camera sensor

video module ov5640