GW-01 PoE


lorawan outdoor gateway. Multi channel SX1301 based industrial grade low cost open source gateway in waterproof enclosure.

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Lora gateway GW-01-PoE.

Industrial SX1301 based multicannel LoRa concentrator.  


GW-01-PoE is open source LoRaWAN gatewayl. OpenWrt driven. Based on Semtech’s multi-channel LoRa concentrator  SX1301  and  IMX6ULL processor.
Out of box ready for use device. Two hardware version of device exists depending on frequency band: 868 MHz or 915 MHz (you have to use corresponding global_conf.json file).

By default, we ship base station with development antenna (10 cm length on the photo). Optionally you can order industrial antenna (1.5 meter length on the photo).


Based on lora-gateway and packet-forwarder. GW-01-PoE comes with preinstalled OpenWrt image.
Source code provided to build image from sources to customize it.
  • Lorawan gateway GW-01;
  • External antenna;


  • Temperature range from -40°C to 70°C;
  • Power supply – PoE 48V;
  • Sensitivity: -139 dBm;
  • Frequency: 868 MHz or 915 MHz;
  • External antenna;
  • Ethernet 10/100;
  • Dimensions 80х50х20 mm without antenna;
  • LoRaWAN protocol implemented by lora-gateway и packet-forwarder libraries;
  • IC SX1301 (8 channel LoRa concentrator);
  • Range up to 2.5 км among the buildings, and up to 10 kilometers on open space.
What is PoE.

Probably you want to place lora gateway on top of some tower, grider, roof or any other place without any power supplies. Power over ethernet (PoE) technology gives you way to deliver power for device via ethernet cable without providing separate power channel to place of device to be placed.