multi channel lora gateway raspberry pi shield. Low cost Open Source LoRaWAN gateway from Raspberry Pi v2/v3. Based on SX1301.

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Lorawan gateway shield for Raspberry Pi


  • Temperature range from -30°C to 70°C
  • Power supply 5 VDC
  • Sensitivity: -139 dBm
  • Frequency 868 MHz or 915 MHz.
  • External antenna
  • Shield dimensions 80х50 mm without antenna
  • IC SX1301 ( 8 channel LoRa concentrator)
  • Range up to 2.5 км among the buildings, and up to 10 kilometers on open space.


  • all required software can be installed on your Raspberry in 10 minutes;
  • ОS Linux;
  • access via SSH;
  • Official Semtech libraries lora_gateway and packet-forwarder to implement Lorawan gateway functionality;
  • Open source;


  • LoRaWAN shield
  • RF antenna


Depending on frequency option you selected we will ship preconfigured gateway with following frequency plans: EU868 for 868MHz gateway and US915 for or 915 MHz gateway. You can find some explanation of frequency plans here.

Fastest way to get LoRaWAN gateway based on well known Raspberry Pi.

mini PCI express card version.

57 x 27 mm version of that shield in a form factor of mini PCI express card might be found here.


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