Speed up embedded linux development process Each software developer who decides to start with Embedded linux development, coming either from high-level programming languages, or from bare metal development for microcontrollers in C/C++, is inevitably surprised by the extreme unfriendliness of embedded linux. A text pad and console uti

Continuation of previous article describing IMX6 CAN bus support implementation. We stopped at manual CAN interfaces configuration and sent test packet between two interfaces. Now is time to automate interfaces configuration process at boot up. Also we want to implement separate OpenWrt config. Let’s call it flexcan_ethernet. Ad

IMX6 can bus development guide. CAN bus is popular interface in industrial applications especially in automotive. Schematic inspection and DTS modification. Adding each new hardware interface to image might be started from DTS. Before this you need check what GPIO used by CAN bus in schematic of IMX6ULL SoM (NetSoM) development board.

Once you decided to use OpenWrt driven NetSoM development board as starting point of development your own custom hardware first of all you should choose one of the available image configuration that feets your needs closely. Full list of available configurations can be found here. Here is simple selection algorithm: All configurations