After getting SampleApp running the next steps to bring NetSoM development board to fully functional Alexa development kit was adding voice controllers. Looks simple at first glance. Just make few changes in source code as explained in manual above: add definition to enable controller you are going to use: CMAKE_OPTIONS=-DCMAKE_BUILD_

Here described step of development imx6 gpio configuration and control web interface using OpenWrt driven IMX6ULL SoM. As a result following web interface will be implemented: MR that implements this functionaly may be found here. If you don’t have time to read article and just want to get such UI control interface – just

Here described steps of openwrt 3G modem network configuration. Suitable for NetSoM dev board with SIM5320E usb 3G modem (coming soon) plugged in. QMI interface used. Support of SIM5320E implemented recently. First open web interface and press Login button. Then navigate to Network –> Interfaces: And click on Add new interfac

Here described IMX6 audio  streaming VOIP solution using  NetSoM development board based on IMX6ULL SoM as SIP client. Hardware requirements. You have to stick WM8960 audio module to NetSoM development board. This setup will act as SIP client allowing to make a voice calls to/from another devices in network.  Software requirements.

IMX6 camera. Here is described steps to run video streaming solution out-of-box using NetSoM development board based on IMX6ULL SoM. Supported protocols are RTSP and MPEGTS. Hardware requirements. You have to stick OV5640 video module to NetSoM development board. Then just power up development board and connect via SSH. Software req

Here described IMX6 audio recording and playing out-of-box solution using linux arecord and aplay utilities. IMX6ULL to be precise. Based on NetSoM development board. Hardware requirements. You have to stick WM8960 audio module to NetSoM development board. Then plug some audio speakers or headphones to audio module.  That audio modul

Continuation of previous article describing IMX6 CAN bus support implementation. We stopped at manual CAN interfaces configuration and sent test packet between two interfaces. Now is time to automate interfaces configuration process at boot up. Also we want to implement separate OpenWrt config. Let’s call it flexcan_ethernet. Ad