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First OpenWrt driven Industrial grade SoM in the world based on NXP’s IMX6ULL microprocessor. Open Source code. Rich set of out-of-box examples.

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NXP’s industrial grade IMX6ULL microprocessor based SoM module with sizes 42.35 x 45.55 mm. First industrial grade SoM supporting OpenWrt out-of-box.

Open source code and open hardware development board gives way to fast prototype and bring to the market hardware product in few months or even weeks. Ideally you will be able to design your own custom hardware just by removing unused periphery and redesigning PCB shape.

OV5640 based video module and WM8960 based audio module lets you to run audio/video streaming solution out of box;

Onboard Wi-Fi (WF200) PHY IC makes SoM well suited for usage in Smart Home IoT solutions;

2 x Ethernet + 2 x CAN bus makes it suitable for usage in autonomous robots and vehicles;


Customized order.

Depending on your needs you may choose one of four available fariations of NetSoM:

  • Full set of PHYs ships with 2 x Ethernet PHY + 1 x Wi-Fi PHY IC soldered;
  • 1 x Ethernet PHY + 1 x WiFi PHY IC soldered;
  • 1 x WiFi PHY IC soldered;
  • 1 x Ethernet PHY IC soldered;

By reducing amound of soldered ICs you able to get cheaper price;


Discount for batch orders.

  • 15% discount on ordering from 10 to 49 pcs of NetSoM;
  • 25% discount on ordering from 50 to 99 pcs;
  • 30% discount on ordering more than 100 pcs;

Please contact us if you are going to order larger batches of it for personal discount.


Full list of available interfaces:

  • 2 x Ethernet;
  • 1 x Wi-Fi;
  • 2 x CAN;
  • 2 x USB;
  • 1 x Parallel video interface;
  • 1 x SAI;
  • 2 x SPI;
  • 1 x SDHC;
  • 2 x I²C;
  • 2 x UART;
  • 20+ GPIO;




Electrical characteristics:

  • Power supply – 5V;
  • Temperature range -40°C to 70°C;




List of useful articles might be found on NetSom based development board.