imx6 development board


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Development board for NetSoM module based on IMX6ULL NXP’s microprocessor. OpenWrt driven. Open hardware project of development board (but not SoM itself) gives fast way to prototype custom industrial grade hardware and bring things to the market extremely fast.

By plugging additional modules you can expand set of available hardware features out of box:

openwrt board

Besides this rich set of interfaces provided by development board:

  • 2 x Ethernet;
  • 1 x Wi-Fi;
  • 2 x CAN;
  • 2 x USB;
  • 1 x Parallel video interface;
  • 1 x SAI;
  • 2 x SPI;
  • 1 x SDHC;
  • 2 x I²C;
  • 2 x UART;
  • 20+ GPIO;

Ideally development board lets you to develop custom hardware just by removing unused sub-circuits from PCB project and changing PCB shape to feet your needs.


two different configuration of development board will be available to order:

  • NetSoM development board itselt;
  • NetSoM developement board + video module + audio module;

Of course each configuration includes SoM soldered onboard.

Of course you can order dev board itself separately and extension modules you need later.

Not available to order at this website currently. Will be available at CrowdSupply soon.