imx6 som for Network solutions released

After 1.5 years of development process we are glad to inform you that IMX6 SoM for network solutions released. First Openwrt driven industrial grade SoM based on IMX6ULL.

Originally developed for internal usage as core processing unit in LoRaWAN gateways we are developing later we desided that SoM we got looks like mature viable stand-alone product.  First time it got functionality to act as LoRaWAN gateway. But later we started to develop the concept of integrating loRaWAN gateways into the smart city environment. It gave additional out-of-box functionality of video and audio streaming making SoM suitable in Smart Home, IoT, Automation, Robotics Applications.

So here is NetSoM:

imx6 som

There is 42.35 x 45.55 mm square PCB with 89 half via pads on edges. Contains onboard:

Provides reach set of interfaces:

  • 2 x Ethernet;
  • 1 x Wi-Fi;
  • 2 x CAN;
  • 2 x USB;
  • 1 x Parallel video interface;
  • 1 x SAI;
  • 2 x SPI;
  • 1 x SDHC;
  • 2 x I²C;
  • 2 x UART;
  • 20+ GPIO;

same time.

Open Hardware development board provides way for fast SoM based hardware prototyping  to bring your own product to the market in few months or even weeks:

openwrt board

It gives you access to all interfaces from the list above.

Open Source code provides 10 pre-defined configs to build image which are grouped in pairs. Configs that ends with _ethernet supports for double ethernet networking capabilities while configs ends with _wifi supports for double ethernet + wifi networks to be running out of box (support for 3G usb modules coming soon). Five pairs of configs provides following functionality out-of-box:

  • audio_stream_ethernet/wifi.config – an audio-streaming (SIP telephony) application using the WM8960 codec;
  • video_stream_ethernet/wifi.config – a video-streaming (RTSP/MPEGTS) application using the OV5640 camera module;
  • amazon_voice_service(wifi).config – an Alexa-style voice-recognition application;
  • flexcan_ethernet/wifi.config – A UDP-to-CAN forwarding application;
  • lorawan_gateway_ethernet/wifi.config – A LoRaWAN gateway application;

By using additional video, audio modules and LoRaWAN extension shield you can bring all them out-of-box:

openwrt board

openwrt board

openwrt board

SoM Drawing:

SoM Pinout: