LoRaWAN gateway GW-01. 8 channel. Low Cost. Open Source. Fully functional.

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Lorawan gateway GW-01.

Fully functional open source low cost solution to build LoRaWAN network. 
GW-01 is open source low cost LoRa gateway compatible with LoRaWAN protocol. Supports OpenWrt and Armbian distributives. Consists of two boards. Top of them is based on SX1301  – 8 channel LoRa concentrator that implements LoRa physical interface. Bottom is  OrangePi Zero H2+ 256Mb development board and  based board.
GW-01 comes with pre-flashed OpenWrt image. OpenWrt image requires 4.5MB so onboard 2 MB flash IC replaced with 8 MB. So you can just power up the device and get working gateway. Depending on required frequency band two types of device can be ordered: 868 MHz or 915 MHz;
lora-gateway and packet-forwarder implements functionality of LoRaWAN gateway. GW-01 comes with pre-flashed OpenWrt image but if you prefer Debian like distributives you can use Armbian that boots from microSD card..
You can build OpenWrt and Armbian both from source code in a case if you need customize your LoRaWAN gateway.



  • Temperature range from 0°C to 70°C;
  • 5 VDC power supply;
  • Sensitivity: -139 dBm;
  • Frequency: 868 MHz or 915 MHz;
  • LoRaWAN protocol;
  • SX1301;



You can find all necessary sources and guides here or get them at wiki page: